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Abstracts FITFISH annual conference Mostar

With the following abstracts:

  • SANEL RIĐANOVIĆ, PAVLE SPASOJEVIĆ, LEJLA RIĐANOVIĆ, DENISA ŽUJO ZEKIĆ (2017) The potential impact of small hydro power plants on genetic biodiversity and migration of salmonid species in the Neretva river
  • IAN MAYER, JOSEP PLANAS (2017) The application of swimming exercise to increase dna vaccine efficacy in salmon aquaculture
  • STEVEN J. COOKE, JACOB BROWNSCOMBE (2017) Swimming for success
  • IDA. B. JOHANSEN, ERIK SANDBLOM, PETER V. SKOV, ALBIN GRÄNS6, ANDREAS EKSTRÖM, IDA G. LUNDE, MARCO A. VINDAS, LILI ZHANG, ERIK HÖGLUND, MICHAEL FRISK, IVAR SJAASTAD, GÖRAN E. NILSSON, ØYVIND ØVERLI (2017) Cortisol induces pathological cardiac growth and impaired swimming performance in rainbow trout
  • COLIN BULL, SIMON MACKENZIE (2017) Fish migration research in Scotland: current state and future directions
  • ANA GAVRILOVIĆ, JURICA JUG-DUJAKOVIĆ, STEVEN VAN GORDER, ALEXIS CONIDES (2017) Swimming conditions of the yellow perch (Perca flavescens) in rectangular and round tanks
  • DOMINIQUE G. ROCHE, ALLISON K. SHAW, SANDRA A. BINNING (2017) Parasites, performance and patterns of host activity: incorporating infection into our understanding of animal movement
  • BOŽIDAR RAŠKOVIĆ, JYOTSNA SHRIVASTAVA, GUDRUN DE BOECK (2017) Effects of extensive swimming on weight gain, swimming performance, energy budget and gene expression of common carp (Cyprinus carpio)
  • PATRÍCIA FERREIR, HUGO FLÁVIO, HARRY HACKING, JANET GENZ, JONATHAN M. WILSON, JANE BEHRENS, JON C. SVENDSEN (2017) Limiting maximum metabolic rate: is osmorespiratory compromise playing a major role?
  • DAAN MES, ARJAN P. PALSTRA, MARCO A. VINDAS, IAN MAYER (2017) Can exercise enhance brain plasticity, cognition and foraging behaviour in Atlantic salmon?
  • BEATA SCHMIDT, RYSZARD KORNIJÓW, MARIUSZ ZALEWSKI, ADAM M. LEJK, KRZYSZTOF PAWLIKOWSKI, JOANNA CAŁKIEWICZ, SABINA ZIOŁA (2017) Impact of the electric barrier and fish scaring system on the activity and movement of fish analysed by means of a multibeam sonar aris
  • DEVRİM MEMİŞ, ÖZCAN GAYGUSUZ, GÖKHAN TUNÇELLİ, MERİÇ ALBAY (2017) Obstacles of migratory fish on swimming way in turkey
  • AHMET ALP; ADİL AKYÜZ (2017) Assessment of ecological flow rates in small scale hydropower plants: a case study from turkey

Abstracts FITFISH annual conference Belgrade

With the following abstracts:

  • Schaaf M.J.M., Tudorache C., Slabbekoorn H., Palstra A. (2016) Stress Axis Regulation And Its Role In Exercise-Enhanced Growth.
  • Caroline Durif (2016) Orientation And Navigation Of The European Eel Using The Earth’s Magnetic Field.
  • Christopher J. Fulton, John F. Steffensen, Jacob L. Johansen (2016) Optimal Fins And Flows Underpin Reef Fish Swimming Efficiency.
  • Øyvind Øverli, Tom Hansen, Tore S. Kristiansen, Ole Folkedal (2016) Exercising Atlantic Salmon In Fluctuating Water Current: Consequences For Performance In Aquaculture Production.
  • Peter A. Klimley (2016) Electronic Tracking Advances Reveal Migratory Movements Of Sturgeon In Sacramento/San Joaquin Watershed.
  • Paolo Domenici, Gudrun De Boeck (2016) Cost Action Fa1304 Fitfish, Wg1 - Functional Mechanisms Behind The Beneficial Effects Of Swimming.
  • Leopold A.J. Nagelkerke, Jóhannes Sturlaugsson (2016) Cost Action Fa1304 Fitfish, Wg2, Fish Migration: Status And Progress.
  • Helgi Thorarensen, Harald Takle (2016) Cost Action Fa1304 Fitfish, Wg 3 - Exercise In Aquaculture.
  • Simon Mackenzie (2016) Cost Action Fa1304 Fitfish, Wg4 - Transfer Of Knowledge To End Users.
  • Mirjana Lenhardt, Stefano Marras (2016) Cost Action Fa1304 Fitfish, Wg5, Training Of Early Stage Researchers: Status And Progress.
  • Carlos M. Alexandre, Arjan P. Palstra (2016) Effect Of Short-Term Regulated Temperature Variations On The Swimming Economy Of Atlantic Salmon.
  • Sònia Rey Planellas, Simon Mackenzie, Josep Planas (2016) Assessing The Influence Of Individual Variation In Coping Styles On Swimming Performance In Zebrafish (Danio Rerio).
  • Beata Schmidt (2016) Didson Training Course.
  • Marija Smederevac-Lalić, Milan Říha, Jan Kubečka, Vladislav Draštík, Jiri Peterka, Milan Muška, Michal Tušer, Aleksandar Hegediš, Stefan Skorić, Miroslav Nikčević, Branislav Mićković, Mirjana Lenhardt (2016) Application Of High Tech Sonar Techniques For The Monitoring Of Fish Migrations In The Danube River (Serbia).
  • M. Graziano, A. P. Palstra, J. V. Planas (2016) Swimming Exercise To Control Early Maturation In Male Seabass (Dicentrarchus Labrax).
  • Ahmet Alp, Adil Akyüz, Mikail Özcan (2016) Movements And Home Ranges Of Capoeta Angorae In River Ceyhan, Turkey.
  • Thijs Böhm, Marco Graziano, Ewout Blom, Sebastiaan A. Brittijn, Ron P. Dirks, Arjan P. Palstra (2016) Simulated Migration Of Feminised Eels To Stimulate And Predict The Sexual Maturation Response.
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  • Gorčin Cvijanović, Tanja Adnađević, Ivan Jarić, Vida Jojić, Saša Marić, Mirjana Lenhardt (2016) Danube Sterlet Morphometrics And Genetic – Guidelines For Restocking Programs.
  • Gudrun De Boeck (2016) Swimming At Low Ammonia Levels: Improved Growth And Performance?
  • Riha Milan, Gjelland Ø. Karl, Baktoft Henrik, Pavlova Viola, Vejrik Lukas, Matejickova Ivana, Smejkal Marek, Holubova Michaela, Juza Tomas, Sajdlova Zuzana, Chung H.T. Son, Cech Martin, Økland Finn, Peterka Jiri (2016) Application Of An Underwater Positioning System For Long-Term Observation Of Fish Behavior And Habitat Use.
  • Johannes Sturlaugsson (2016) The Marine Migration And Swimming Depth Of Sea Trout (Salmo Trutta L.) In South-Icelandic Coastal Waters.
  • Katarina Tošić, Mirjana Lenhardt, Stephen J. Sabatino (2016) The Story Of Eurasian Shads (Alosa Sp.): Genomics, Morphometrics, Life History And Adaptation.

Abstracts Fitfish Dissemination Event At 12icbf

Website ICBF

  • Planas, J.V., And Palstra, A.P. (2016) Swimming Physiology Of Fish.
  • Palstra, A.P., And Planas, J.V. (2016) Cost Action Fa1304: Swimming Of Fish And Implications For Migration And Aquaculture (Fitfish).
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  • Katopodis, C. (2016) Swim Chambers Vs Ecohydraulic Flumes: Can We Bridge The Gap?
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  • Rovira, M., And Planas, J.V. (2016) Temporal Responses Of Fast Skeletal Muscle To Swimming-Induced Contractile Activity In Adult Zebrafish.

Aquaculture Europe 2015 Abstracts

Abstracts Fish Passage Conference 2015

Fish Passage Conference 2015 abstracts

  • Arjan P. Palstra, Josep V. Planas (2015) COST action FA1304: swimming of fish and implications for migration and aquaculture (FITFISH)
  • Leo Nagelkerke, Jóhannes Sturlaugsson (2015) Current information needs for effective fish passage management: prioritization and recent developments
  • Ahmet Alp, Adil Akyüz, Mikail Özcan (2015) Efficiency and suitability of the fish passages in River Ceyhan, Turkey
  • Olle Calles, Jonas Christiansson, Claudio Comoglio, Paolo Vezza, Ingemar Alenäs, Simon Karlsson, Marius Heiss, Mats Hebrand (2015) On the performance of a new upstream and downstream passage facility for diadromous fish species
  • Mirjana Lenhardt, Ivan Jaric, Stefan Skoric, Maria Smederevac-Lalic, Gorcin Cvijanovic, Vesna Djikanovic, Zeljka Visnjic-Jeftic, Aleksandar Hegedis, Branislav Mickovic, Miroslav Nikcevic, Katarina Jovicic, Milica Jacimovic, Zoran Gacic (2015) Restoration of longitudinal connectivity of the Danube River by the construction of free passages for migratory fish species at the Iron Gates dams
  • Ans Mouton, David Buysse, Ine Pauwels, Johan Coeck (2015) All you need is love: adequate information for effective fish passage?

Frontiers S.I.

Frontiers S.I.

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Abstracts 2nd FITFISH workshop

Abstracts 2nd FITFISH workshop

  • Colin J. Brauner (2014) A novel mechanism for enhanced oxygen delivery to the muscle and heart in fish during stress and exercise.
  • Michael Axelsson (2014) Hemodynamic changes in exercising fish.
  • Svendsen, M.B.S., Bushnell, P.G. and Steffensen, J. F. (2014) Design and setup of an intermittent-flow respirometry system for aquatic organisms.
  • Bernd Pelster (2014) Swimbladder function and the spawning migration of the European eel, Anguilla anguilla.
  • Hiroshi Ueda (2014) The current propagation system and physiological studies of imprinting and homing migration of Japanese chum salmon.
  • David Righton (2014) Insights into fish behaviour from large-scale electronic tagging programmes: Atlantic cod, European eels and Atlantic salmon
  • Kim Aarestrup (2014) Track’n field...the challenge of following migrating fishes.
  • Reinhold Hanel (2014) Changes in abundance of anguillid leptocephali in the Sargasso Sea.
  • Katja Anttila (2014) Wild versus cultured fish – could swim training reduce the physiological differences?
  • Marie Laure Begout and Sandie Millot (2014) Swimming behaviour as an indicator of fish environmental adaptation
  • David McKenzie (2014) Applications for aerobic swimming in aquaculture: training and selection.
  • Francisco Huera (2014) Bio-inspired hydrodynamic propulsion based on flapping.
  • Claudio Rossi, William Coral (2014) Robot fishes’ escape from flatland.
  • Arjan P. Palstra, Josep V. Planas (2014) COST action FA1304: Swimming of fish and implications for migration and aquaculture (FITFISH).
  • Daan Mes, Ron P. Dirks, Arjan P. Palstra (2014) Simulated migration under mimicked photothermal conditions enhances sexual maturation of European eel (Anguilla anguilla).
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  • Raúl Benito, Josep V. Planas and Arjan P. Palstra (2014) Application of swimming in juvenile male sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) to prevent precocious sexual maturation.
  • Hugo Soria and Josep V. Planas (2014) Evaluation of growth parameters and plasma metabolite levels in brown trout (Salmo trutta) subjected to sustained swimming under culture conditions.
  • Mireia Rovira, Arjan P. Palstra, Josep V.Planas (2014) Insights into the cellular and molecular mechanisms potentiating growth in response to exercise-swimming conditions in the skeletal muscle of zebrafish (Danio rerio).
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Abstracts ICBF2014

Abstracts ICBF2014

  • Palstra, A.P., and Planas, J.V. (2014) COST action FA1304: swimming of fish and implications for migration and aquaculture (FITFISH).
  • Planas, J.V., Magnoni, L.J., and Palstra, A.P. (2014) Swimming-induced modulation of the skeletal muscle transcriptome in rainbow trout.
  • De Boeck, G., Sinha, A.K., Liew, H.J. and Tudorache, C. (2014) Food availability and environment alter swimming capacities in freshwater fish.
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  • Svendsen, J.C., Wilson, J.M. and Aarestrup, K (2014) Moderate passage efficacy, migratory delay and phenotypic selectivity associated with a nature-like fishway: how important is fish swimming performance?
  • Quintella, B.R., Alexandre, C.M. and Almeida, P.R. (2014) Does regional streamflow variability influences swimming performance of freshwater fish?