COST Action FA1304 FITFISH reviewed as excellent!

Published on
September 18, 2018

The Rapporteur about FITFISH:

‘FITFISH has led to new insights into the basic swimming physiology of fish, improved understanding of how fish migrate, and improved fish welfare. The COST Action has brought together scientists from the countries throughout Europe so that they could use their diversity of expertise to improve our knowledge of the swimming behavior and physiology of fishes and use this knowledge to optimize the conditions promoting growth in captive fishes in aquaculture facilities. It has resulted in numerous workshops, seminars, reports, and publications. The impact of this grant is greater than that proposed, in that it is promoting interdisciplinary and multi-national research.’

‘The COST funding has been critical in creating a group of researchers with a common interest in fish migration and aquaculture. It involves researchers from many EU countries with a diversity of research strengths. I would rate FITFISH as a great success.’