Photo by Yoeri van Es

The study of swimming of fish is essential for our understanding of the interplay between migration, growth and reproduction in wild fish but also has considerable interest for fish in aquaculture. The main objective of FITFISH is to develop a research network in which fish swimming in the wild and in aquaculture is studied for the first time under a multidisciplinary perspective. Scientists from various disciplines will work together under the umbrella of swimming exercise. FITFISH will provide the ground for technological breakthroughs (e.g. more accurate monitoring of migrant fish; design of exercise-“friendly” fish farming facilities), for establishing swimming as an essential factor determining welfare and for demonstrating that swimming can benefit quality production. By providing this knowledge FITFISH will have a societal (economic and cultural) impact in areas such as environmental and fisheries policy, industrial activity in aquaculture and even human health. FITFISH will add value to independent, nationally funded research activities by providing the means to exchange information, promote industrial activities and influence policies at a European level in a new common forum. Activities in FITFISH also include the training and exchange of early stage researchers in the area to create future leaders with a true multidisciplinary vision.