Congresses and workshops



19-20/4/2018, Porto (Portugal): Annual Conference, MC and WG meetings

21/4/2018, Matosinhos (Portugal): WG2 stakeholder workshop on fish migration

20/10/2017, Dubrovnik (Croatia): stakeholder workshop on exercise in aquaculture

07/04/2017, Edinburgh (UK): Stakeholder workshop(s)

21/04/2017, Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina): annual conference

12-18/06/2016, San Marcos (USA): FITFISH dissemination meeting at 12ICBF

22/4/2016, Belgrade (Serbia): annual conference

22-23/10/2015: AE 2015, Rotterdam: congress session PS35 “Swimming to optimise production” and WG3 meeting (open)

27/08/2015: Aquaculture Conference, Montpellier: WG1 meeting (open)

24/06/2015: Fish Passage 2015, Groningen: WG2 meeting (open)

10/10/2014: Barcelona: 2nd international FITFISH workshop

06/08/2014: Edinburgh: introductory event @ICBF2014